Cereset Description and Credibility

Cereset Description and Credibility

Scottsdale, Arizona  We often seek new ways to share more about Cereset in a condensed manner;  please read and share our Cereset Description and Credibility story below.  - LeeWhat Cereset does. Cereset creates a brain echo that assists the brain to re-balance...

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The Brain that Heals Itself

The Brain that Heals Itself

Scottsdale, Arizona  The Brain that Heals Itself Why is it sometimes so difficult for us to accept the most simple, obvious solutions to our problems? Is it because we believe if things are complex they must be better? Is it ego that makes us think our issues are...

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The Brain Drives – welcome to a blog about the brain

The Brain Drives – welcome to a blog about the brain

Scottsdale, Arizona  The Brain Drives The brain is the organ of central command, which means everything we do, think, say, hope, and experience, as well as our body’s ability to sustain itself, is driven by the brain. The brain drives. When we cut our finger or break...

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BST developed the first portable EEG brain-mirroring personal-use device for facilitating the balance of two key sets of lobes in the human brain.  The device is  effective in helping people to sleep & mitigate stress.  We now offer a new version of the product, called Cereset Home™ ...


The Cereset Home™ personal-use headband provides:

  • more comfortable headband
  • more advanced hardware
  • updated software


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