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Cereset – The Greatest Weapon Against Long COVID and an Aging Brain

COVID and your Brain - a Cereset BrainTalk with Lee Gerdes

Scottsdale, Arizona 

Cereset – The Greatest Weapon Against Long COVID and an Aging Brain

COVID has infected over 458 million people around the world. OMICRON – the newest COVID-like virus – has infected over 130 million people globally, is much more infectious, and has a much higher death rate. Science has identified an ongoing issue with all of those who COVID has infected – these infected individuals, even if they do not realize it, have a brain that has become smaller. Any COVID infection is a significant stress on the brain, causing the brain to shrink in size, similar to what happens in the aging process. You can read more about the science: Study links even mild Covid-19 to changes in the brain


Long COVID – the persisting symptoms of the COVID infection – include many physical, emotional, psychological, and cognitive aspects of life.

Be sure to check out the replay of our latest BrainTalk live with Lee Gerdes to learn more:  Long COVID & Your Brain

Clinical trials through Cereset Research shows that the core BrainEcho® neuromodulation technology is effective in many areas related to Long COVID issues:

  • Cognitive Impairment – 86% effective – 6 weeks persistence measured
  • Depression – 92% effective – 6 months persistence measured
  • Anxiety – 91% effective – 6 months persistence measured
  • PTSD (post-traumatic stress) – 85% effective – 3 weeks persistence measured
  • Post-concussion – 100% returned to school or work in 3 weeks
  • Sleep – 96% effective – 6 months persistence measured

How can your own brain help itself mitigate these challenges? Through Cereset, of course! If you or someone you know is seeking restoration following COVID, our completely non-invasive brain-driven antiaging & wellness approach can help! Find a Cereset client center nearest you at https://cereset.com/centers

Lee Gerdes, Founder & CEO, Cereset®