CERESET BrainTalks
with Lee Gerdes, Founder & CEO
& Sonya Crittenden, Director

Join Lee & Sonya as they share BrainTalks exploring chronic challenges to our brain health & wellness, why a balanced brain matters, what that means, and how the Cereset BrainEcho® neuromodulation process can help your brain help you help yourself! 

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You can browse the full library of our latest BrainTalks below.
The full library is also available at:  wellnesslive.cereset.com

How Can Relationship Trauma Affect the Brain? – Cereset Supports Balance

How is Cereset Different? – we support … while others intervene!

How Can My Brain Help Battle Cancer? – Part 2

How Can My Brain Help Battle Cancer? – Part 1

How Do I Manage Stress and Anxiety Post-COVID?

Why Does COVID Cause Brain Fog? – Other Persisting COVID Brain Symptoms

Why Me? – Discover How Cereset Can Help

As you learn more about the importance of a balanced brain, be sure to schedule an
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This 50-minute evaluation includes an orientation with your personal Tech Coach, a baseline brain observation to assess your brain’s balance with ability to manage stress, your very own Personal Brain Index®, and a recommended plan of action. Please check with your local client center for special pricing on this offer.

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