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The Brain that Heals Itself

The Brain Drives - Cereset is being researched to help the brain heal itself
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Scottsdale, Arizona 

The Brain that Heals Itself

Why is it sometimes so difficult for us to accept the most simple, obvious solutions to our problems? Is it because we believe if things are complex they must be better? Is it ego that makes us think our issues are unique and unlike anyone else’s?  Did you know that the brain that heals itself, is a happy brain?

Cereset’s® legacy technology has been engaged in many clinical pilots and trials (see publications at cereset.com/research ):

1. Persisting post-concussion symptoms in athletes.
2. PTSD.
3. Insomnia.
4. Hot flashes for Post-menopausal women.
5. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.
6. Migraines.
7. Stress and ramifications of stress for First Responders.
8. mTBI and associated symptoms (current military study funded by $2.8M from the DoD).
9. HRV – including heart rate, blood pressure, and cardiovascular system measures.

Cereset’s patented BrainEcho™ technology was universally and stunningly successful in every clinical test to date. Efficacy rates were statistically significant and above the 90th participant percentile. How could this be? Particularly since Cereset does not diagnose, heal, or even treat?

BECAUSE THE BRAIN DRIVES…EVERYTHING. Especially our healing. The brain uses restful, restorative sleep to help achieve our highest state of health and wellbeing.

In each research study participants had a high degree of compromised sleep. Following Cereset sessions, their sleep issues disappeared. So what happened? It’s easy to understand, but more difficult to comprehend it’s really this easy. Cereset supports the brain to relax itself, and a relaxed brain automatically resets itself. In so doing, left-right symmetry and the optimal proportion of low vs high energy in all the brain’s lobes is strengthened. Then the magic happens – the true miracle – the client achieves greater restful sleep and that sleep cleans and restores brain functionality enabling natural healing to occur.

The brain that heals itself, sleeps better, heals faster and more completely. Period.

So, no matter what you’re using to sleep – if you aren’t achieving restful sleep (sleeping soundly and waking rested) – then clearly that modality is NOT working for you. If a practitioner advises that it takes time to achieve restful sleep (weeks or months or more), OR, advises that a medication and/or supplement will help you achieve restful sleep – you know one thing for sure – they don’t know what they’re talking about. Maybe they can point to a few isolated cases where this happens, but there is nothing on the market that is truly achieving results even close to. Cereset brain relaxation and subsequent self-healing.

No matter what someone tells you, or how many times you’re told, the truth is simple – your brain can completely heal itself of most conditions you may encounter which compromise your life. And if you use Cereset to achieve this relaxed brain state for restful sleep and subsequent wellbeing, you’ll know in 2 to 21 days, after 4 to 7 sessions of about 75 min in length, if Cereset works for you.

Are there possible downsides of going on a Cereset journey? The one major possibility is interactions with the kinds of medications or drugs/alcohol you’re using – many meds/drugs/alcohol will not play well with a relaxed brain. As the brain relaxes, the medications may be detoxing from your body – they are NOT a natural part of health and wellbeing regardless of what may be advertised. If they were, why are there so many side effects? Detoxing, especially of some meds, may cause a period of compromised sleep or anxiety for a few hours up to a few days.

Also, if your brain is stuck in a freeze response to protect itself, Cereset may allow you to “feel” again, which may seem a little painful or strange. These effects usually dissipate in a matter of minutes or hours, but you may experience them. A Cereset Tech Coach will advise you of the possibility before your Cereset sessions.

A Navy Seal we recently worked with, who hadn’t slept more than a couple hours each night for 24 years, said after just 3 days he was experiencing 8-hours of restful sleep with Cereset. He said Cereset totally changed his life. Six weeks later he continues to improve. Just think, getting him to use Cereset took years, after he’d exhausted EVERYTHING ELSE. Cereset, the simplest, most obvious and effective solution was the path he wished he’d chosen first. Don’t forget that the brain can heal itself. I’m hoping as you read and reflect on this, you’ll consider Cereset as your first step.

Best, Lee