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Cereset Antiaging™ – a Brain-driven Antiaging™ Solution

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Cereset Antiaging™ – a brain-driven antiaging™ solution

The Problem

We spend over $60 Billion each year on antiaging products and services in the USA. Obviously, it is vital that we stay as young as possible (in appearance and health). Yet, the real source of aging – the brain – is not being addressed successfully. Understanding antiaging from the brain’s perspective is critical.

The brain’s cerebral cortex (outer layer) begins to shrink when we are about 30 years of age. As we grow older, the brain shrinks faster, beginning at about age 60, and for those headed toward Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia, the brain shrinks very fast in some specific areas. (reported by the Center of Lifespan Changes of Oslo, Norway).

The Solution

Many products and services only strive to change the outward appearance of our skin – by making it more elastic or even stretching our facial areas somewhat to diminish wrinkles. Most other products involve games, puzzles, or mental stimulation to “exercise” our brain, which are available to purchase to enhance our cognitive abilities. Even though participants can participate in brain stimulation activities at a more competent level after months of effort, there is no evidence that cognition actually improved. Other products aiming to enhance brain chemistry through supplements and other means, most of these products cannot significantly improve cognition. On a positive note, the mineral selenium (naturally found in many foods or available as a supplement) was shown by the University of Queensland Brain Institute, along with exercise, to enhance cognition. Exercise is a crucial component of that benefit.

However, what we seek beyond exercising the body is a means to truly exercise the brain itself, especially in the areas in which it may be shrinking the fastest and, therefore, may cause cognitive decline. By relaxing the brain to allow it to do its own work, Cereset provides a means for the brain to exercise itself exactly where exercise is most needed.

The Evidence

At the date of this writing, there are no clinical trials to quantitatively prove that Cereset Antiaging results in the brain exercising itself and building back layers of the brain, which have been shrinking. The Cereset Antiaging solution will need to be used for 3 to 5 years by a significant population to prove this. However, what Cereset does demonstrate very successfully are brain changes – as seen in brain spectrographs of participants and direct client reports.

For example, one client who had been struggling for months with foggy brain issues was given Cereset Antiaging as part of his tune-up session. He called the next day and excitedly asked what had happened – his memory was sharp again, and he had energy again!

Another client reported that she had not been herself for many months and could not remember the last time she sang and whistled during the day as an expression of feeling active and able. A couple of days after her most recent Cereset session, she found herself whistling and singing while cleaning up the kitchen. She immediately realized that the only thing which had changed was her recent tune-up session, which had included Cereset Antiaging. She was delighted and amazed and has now scheduled to have Cereset tune-up sessions once every 3 to 4 weeks!

Are you experiencing cognitive issues as you age? Or maybe you have recently had COVID and are dealing with ongoing “brain fog”? Find a Cereset Client Center nearest you to schedule either an Introduction to Cereset or a complete Cereset package to help your brain help itself today! https://cereset.com/centers

Lee Gerdes, Founder & CEO, Cereset