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We help your brain help you.

The brain is your central command center. When your brain is out of balance, or stuck, you don’t feel right and it’s impossible to function at your highest level. Cereset is a proven technology that’s non-invasive and highly effective. Cereset can help your brain free itself, enabling you to achieve higher levels of well-being and balance throughout your life.

How Can Cereset Help Me?

Most importantly, Cereset is not a medical device to heal, treat, diagnose, or cure. Cereset is founded on the principle that the brain is capable of correcting itself when it can “see” that it is stuck – or unbalanced. Cereset non-invasively supports the brain to relax in order to rebalance and reset itself for optimal regulation. A balanced brain is a way better brain and sustains a more healthy person in every way. If you are seeking a balanced brain, Cereset can help … wellness from the inside out!

How Can Cereset Help Me?

Most importantly, Cereset is not a medical device to heal, treat, diagnose, or cure. Cereset is founded on the principle that the brain is capable of correcting itself when it can “see” that it is stuck – or unbalanced. Cereset non-invasively supports the brain to relax in order to rebalance and reset itself for optimal regulation. A balanced brain is a way better brain and sustains a more healthy person in every way. If you are seeking a balanced brain, Cereset can help … wellness, from the inside out!

Need Help with Challenges?





Sleep Apnea

Chronic Stress

Post Traumatic Stress





Foggy Thinking

Persistent COVID Symptoms

Post Concussion Symptoms

Other Life Challenges


Your Brain Can ReSolve:

  1. Insomnia.  A brain in harmony is likely to facilitate better and more restful sleep.
  2. Sleep Apnea.  A brain in harmony may overcome some chronic muscle tone issues for more restful sleep.
  3. Chronic Stress.  A brain in harmony can release “stuck stress”.
  4. Post-Traumatic Stress.  A brain in harmony can reset the autonomic system to override fight-or-flight or freeze response.
  5. Anxiety.  A brain in harmony will provide peace, calm, and comfort in the storm.
  6. Depression.  A brain in harmony will support an experience of possibilities and comfort to find solutions and acceptance.
  7. Anger.  A brain in harmony will likely dismiss the negative emotional charge to allow for rational consideration and thinking.
  8. Memory.  A brain in harmony is likely to improve memory and create even laser focus and concentration.
  9. Foggy-Thinking.  A brain in harmony is likely to create laser focus and concentration.
  10. Persistent COVID symptoms. This includes loss of taste & smell or any of the other above issues – a brain in harmony has been found to eliminate most post-COVID infection issues since COVID is mostly a brain disease.
  11. Post Concussion symptoms.  A brain in harmony is proven to provide a high degree of regulation and eliminate the issues caused by blunt-force trauma.
  12. Other Life Challenges. Since the brain drives everything we humans do, think, say, sense, feel, and experience – a brain in harmony can make life as good as it can be!

Cereset Stories & Testimonials

Kara S.

Kara S.

Scottsdale, Arizona   “There isn’t a drink or drug on earth to make me feel any better than I do today.”

David G.

David G.

Scottsdale, Arizona “(This process) is about bringing balance and harmony to your brain now and tomorrow... within days I noticed subtle, but substantial changes in my life – I’m sleeping better than ever!”

Amanda J.

Amanda J.

Scottsdale, Arizona   “Going to work every morning on only 2-3 hours of sleep was slowly, but surely running me straight into the ground. After only two sessions, I slept the entire night.”

Balance Begins Here.

Cereset’s BrainEcho® mirroring process will help you experience more restful sleep, which is connected with other benefits, including releasing stress, overcoming worry and anxiety, restoring hope and happiness, and increasing energy levels. If you’ve tried other modalities, medications, or methods – ask yourself – did I experience more restful sleep? Cereset helps you sleep better when following your Cereset Office’s recommendations.

Cereset Helps you:

Overcome Worry & Anxiety

Restore Hope & Happiness

Release “Stuck” Stress 

Clear Brain Fog & Cognitive Issues

Enhance Learning & Memory

Support Restful Sleep

Increase Energy & Performance


Cereset Founder
Lee Gerdes

Lee Gerdes is the founder and CEO of Cereset. His own stress imbalanced brain led to eight long years of sleepless misery. Lee’s background in mathematics, physics, computer software development, theology and psychology led him to develop the technology to support his own brain’s ability to relax, using the original Cereset technology.


Amy Grant Shares Her Experiences

Enjoy this in-depth interview with Amy Grant, singer-songwriter and Grammy award-winning artist, discussing her testimony of healing and her personal involvement with Cereset.

“An imbalanced brain is one that reacts from the past…everything is a trigger. For the brain to actually have a chance to balance itself, allows a person to respond in the present moment instead of being triggered by the past.” – Amy Grant

How Cereset Helps Your Brain
Help You


Stress OverwhelmS Balance

Our brains have left and right hemispheres which must constantly communicate with each other. Outside stress or traumatic events can erode the brain’s natural abilities, resulting in a compromised brain unable to fully communicate, relax or manage stress.

Freeze Response = “Stuck on the Brake”

Some outside stress is overwhelming and can produce a left-side brain imbalance or dominance, which numbs us (so we don’t “feel” the situation as much), slowing the brain’s response. This numb state is known as the freeze response.

Fight or Flight Response = “Stuck on the Gas”

Some outside stress stimulates us to fight or run from a stressful situation, produces a right-side brain dominance. The brain steps on the gas to provide a go-go-go response. This state of active anxiety is known as the
fight-or-flight response.

Cereset Experience - Relax and Reset

A non-invasive process using only brain-initiated sound to relax the brain, allowing it to reset itself and freeing it from freeze and fight- or flight- states.
cerebrum (brain) + reset = Cereset
Your brain, relaxed, re-set
and re-balanced.


The Cereset Experience

cerebrum (brain) + reset = cereset


Cereset uses an “echo” of the real-time dominant frequency of the brain and associates each dominant frequency to an engineered note. When the dominant frequency is low, then the note the client hears in that instant of time is also low;  if the dominant frequency is high then the client hears a high note. These notes are played in a brain rhythm as it changes and thus the brain can “see” itself and “correct” itself – and it does!

This infographic illustrates how our highly advanced and patented BrainEcho® neuromodulation technology empowers the brain through reflection and resonance of brainwave rhythms.

cereset brain echo process infographic

Your Brain is the Command Center of Your Body.

Cereset Helps it Handle the Load.

HIRREM is the core brain technology shared with

ELECTROENCEPHALIC MIRRORING™ (HIRREM®) is a research technology used for specific indications, including insomnia, PTSD, concussions, hot flashes, pain, etc. The same relaxation aspects of the technology are found in HIRREM and Cereset. The technology helps the brain relax so it can reset itself for balanced performance. HIRREM research has been primarily driven by the Wake Forest Medical Center. Doctor Charles Tegeler, Neurologist, has conducted clinical trials for HIRREM with over 600+ participants.

Every brain is unique and different

Our brain rhythms are more unique than our fingerprints. Cereset helps your unique brain, in real-time.

No medications or unnatural outside stimulation

Your body heals its wounds naturally. Cereset’s non-invasive process supports your brain’s ability to heal itself too.

Cereset is a process not a “silver bullet”

The Cereset process supports a life-time of brain health and optimization. A life-enhancing brain process is worth everything because it drives everything.

What Makes Cereset Different?

Neurofeedback?  NO

Cereset is not driven by a conscious effort to train the brain or change the brain’s response, like Neurofeedback. Cereset is guided by the brain itself, so it can relax and reset itself naturally without using human will power or outside intervention.

Risky?  NO

Cereset is driven by the brain itself, not an outside intervention, stimulus, or medication of any kind. Natural adjustments are made by the brain itself as part of Cereset’s brain relaxation process. Your brain cannot harm itself.

Why haven’t I heard of this?  YOU HAVE NOW

The earliest technology, prior to Cereset, involved a great deal of time to administer and lengthy sessions with clients. Cereset is fast, effective, and efficient – usually requiring five office sessions of approximately one to two hours each, and periodic “tune-ups”, as needed, provide ongoing support.

Your brain is an amazingly capable part of your body.
But sometimes it can use a little help.

Our brain reacts to keep us alive. When it functions to do that in the face of extreme stressors it can become stuck in survival mode. Even the brain, with its incredible capability, can be assisted to relax so it can find its own center or balance. Cereset is your brain’s best friend.

Still not sure?

Ask us about our special Introduction to Cereset. This 50-minute evaluation includes an orientation with your personal Tech Coach, a baseline brain observation, your very own Personal Brain Index® (PBI®) and a recommended plan of action. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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