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Your Brain on Coronavirus – What You Can Do About It Before It Happens

Brain on top of COVID virus molecule
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Scottsdale, Arizona 

Your Brain on Coronavirus – What You Can Do About It Before It Happens

It is obvious that Coronavirus affects the brain. What if part of the key to protecting against it as well as fighting it lies in the brain the virus is trying to affect?

Coronavirus Symptoms include:

  • Breathing Issues – unless there are preexisting respiratory complications, this is partially a brain response. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) drives all the organs of the body. The brain drives the ANS. If the ANS is stuck in a Parasympathetic (freeze) response, the signals to the organs from the brain are to slow down – reduce use – numb. Regular breathing is compromised as are the brain areas which drive it.
  • Chills and shaking – this is mostly a brain issue. Various areas of the brain regulate body temperature. When the temperature isn’t regulated those brain areas are compromised.
  • Muscle pain – the brain sends signals to the muscular system and receives responses back from the system. If signals back to the brain that appropriate damage or lack of blood flow is happening, there may be an achy feeling. If the brain is in a freeze response so that blood flow and immune system support aren’t freely circulated, there may be exaggerated pain and discomfort experienced.
  • Headache, loss of taste or smell, and circulation issues in the extremities – all these are driven by the brain. A compromised brain in a freeze response tends to numb, inhibit taste and smell, and reduce circulation.

Wow, all of these symptoms seem to have a brain component. It seems reasonable that to have a brain that is functioning in the most balanced manner possible is key to staying healthy and key to allowing us to fight off the virus if we are infected by it.

To make matters worse, with all the news directed to the dangers involved with the virus, our fear is also a brain freeze activity to make us even weaker and more vulnerable.

In all ways recommended by Science and good judgement, we each want to stay away from being infected if possible by the Coronavirus. In a similar fashion we each want to have the most balanced brain as possible for our strongest health to ward off and fight this enemy. If you are in 88% who have indicated that Cereset is an Excellent, Life Changing, or Good experience then you still may wish to have a couple Cereset sessions to help you deal with the many stressors of the Pandemic. And if you have never yet experienced Cereset, you may want to call your nearest Cereset office soon to schedule yourself to be a strong warrior as possible against this enemy.