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We often seek new ways to share more about Cereset in a condensed manner;  please read and share our Cereset Description and Credibility story below.  – Lee

Cereset creates a brain echo that assists the brain to re-balance itself. The human brain responds powerfully to stimulation, especially sound. We may jump when we hear an unexpected loud noise nearby because the brain causes us to become startled. We don’t think about it; the brain automatically causes that reaction. Science has proven that acoustic stimulation (sound) provides the greatest influence in and to the brain, much greater than thought, sight, or even fear.

Cereset uses sound to echo the brain back to itself in a very specific manner, so the brain’s hemispheres can balance and harmonize like partners on a dance floor.

When stress or trauma is prolonged such as an extended recovery from illness, or grief from the loss of a loved one, the brain moves powerfully to protect us and allowing us to handle the stress and trauma at that moment. Likewise, when trauma happens in an instant, such as a blow to the head causing a concussion or an immediate major financial loss, the brain also moves to protect itself. This can cause the brain to become “stuck” or imbalanced after enabling us to get through the traumatic or stressful situation.

There can be long-term repercussions of a brain imbalance causing on-going problems like sleep interruptions, anxiety, depression, dizziness, headaches, digestion issues, high blood pressure, slow thinking and memory issues, loss of relationship capabilities, speech issues, and many others. These on-going issues cannot be resolved until the brain is rebalanced. Though some of these problems may be soothed or lessened using medications or other modalities, they will not be resolved. The brain drives. When it is imbalanced, it will not function optimally.

Cereset uses sensors placed on the scalp to translate the brain’s patterns to a computer. The computer identifies where imbalances exist, as well as where common brain rhythms exist between the two hemispheres. The computer then quickly sends a sound, reflecting the brain’s dominant frequency, when it is read.

As the brain hears those sounds, it quickly recognizes it is actually hearing its own echoes, similar to people in a cave or tunnel calling out “hello” and hearing their own echo. Similarly, the brain will respond again and again to the frequency and rhythm common to both hemispheres. Most often, when the brain hears its own echo repeated, it self-balances, with the common area between the hemispheres made stronger and more dominant.

Comparing Cereset to a dance instructor who calls out a beat and movements to a pair learning to dance together is a good analogy. One dancer cannot be fast and listen only to the high notes, while the other dancer is slow and listening only to the low notes. Both dancers need to hear the same rhythm and beat, moving together as one. Cereset provides the brain’s two hemispheres the rhythm and means for their best dance together.

tificial or invasive, no tapping, or breathing, or trying to make a bar move, no chemical to suppress or stimulate the brain – it is the brain’s own work, which has been orchestrated by the Cereset brain echo to find its balance.

It is the brain that heals us. If we cut our hand, the brain orchestrates the protection against infection by sending appropriate cellular building blocks for the healing process. Now, when the brain is out of balance and needs help, Cereset can help the brain heal itself.

Why you shouldn’t just believe us.

Don’t believe our explanation of what Cereset can do for you, don’t believe a word of it. What you should consider however, is that Cereset and its many partners have worked diligently the past 10 years to PROVE that Cereset balances the brain, and PROVE that clients experiencing Cereset are healed from a number of different conditions. Research results have been written up in press releases, peer-reviewed journal articles, and presentations given at professional medical conferences. Evidence can be found online at cereset.com/research as well as in the peer-reviewed journals and presentations themselves. Don’t believe us … believe the data which has been duplicated many times by a number of different researchers and health professionals.

Cereset deals only with the brain, not the person. The brain drives everything a person experiences – physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and even spiritually. The brain drives everything.

Clinical trials completed and continuing to use Cereset have been executed in conjunction with:

Wake Forest School of Medicine (Winston-Salem, NC)
Womack Army Medical Center – Research Office (Fort Bragg, NC)
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
 – Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in (Bethesda, MD)
Spartanburg Regional Health Services (SC)
State of Nevada Department of Corrections (NV)
Yavapai County Drug Court (AZ)

Cereset results speak for themselves – ALL research is statistically significant and most are superior to any other clinical effort for the condition being studied.

Cereset and Cereset legacy research (HIRREM) studies have been completed for the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia (multiple sleep issue studies)
  • Migraines
  • PTSD – both civilian and military (multiple studies)
  • Persisting Post Concussion (mTBI)
    – both civilian athletes and military (multiple studies)
  • Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia (POTS)
  • Hot Flashes for Post-menopausal women
  • Stress for police and fire fighters
  • HRV for blood pressure and heart rate
  • Inmate PTSD and education
  • Drug rehabilitation

Peer-reviewed papers have been published in the following journals:

All clinical research work using Cereset has been funded by the following:

  • The Susanne Marcus Collins Foundation, Inc., for clinical trials to evaluate Cereset (HIRREM) for migraine, insomnia, and other conditions ($3 million to Wake Forest School of Medicine; 2011 – present).
  • Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics), to evaluate Cereset (HIRREM) for military personnel with traumatic stress symptoms ($107,000 to Wake Forest School of Medicine; 2014).
  • United States Army Research Office, to develop Technology to Regulate Circadian Rhythm for Health and Performance, Phase I STTR Award to Brain State Technologies ($150,000; 2014).
  • US Army Medical Department, Advanced Medical Technology Initiative Rapid Innovation Award to Fort Bragg, Womack Army Medical Center, to evaluate feasibility of wearable brain optimization technology in special operations personnel ($30,000 Womack Army Medical Center; 2017).
  • Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs, Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Research Program, for clinical trials to evaluate closed-loop allostatic neurotechnology for military service members with persisting symptoms after traumatic brain injury (Contract #W81XWH-17-2-0057, $2,833,185 to Brain State Technologies, with sub-awards to Geneva Foundation on behalf of Womack Army Medical Center, and Henry Jackson Foundation on behalf of Uniformed Services University).