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Do you ever feel like you’re not at your best?

Cereset is a solution that improves brain function for adults of all ages.

If you’re looking to improve your memory, focus or problem solving skills, Cereset® is a solution that works for adults of all ages. 

Our brain technology has helped young adults, parents with children, and seniors with unique situations.

Your personal Tech Coach may meet with you regularly to help you reach your goals, and each Cereset session requires less than  of your time.

Free Yourself from Brain Fog, Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Memory Problems

A solution is within reach if these problems affect your daily life.

Our peer-reviewed research and clinical studies show that the problem is most adult brains are out of harmony.

Harmony in the brain requires clear and constant communication between the left and right hemispheres of the Brain, as well as proportional power between low and high frequencies.

Experiencing the following may cause areas of the brain to become overactive, and in the long-term, may produce imbalances in the brain.

Our developments in brain technology are backed by our years of extensive research and clinical trials.

Our research shows that learning disorders may also result from overstimulation, stress, illness or even traumatic experiences.


A harmonized brain may help you get more restful sleep.

Sleep Apnea

A harmonized brain may help you overcome breathing-related issues while sleeping.

Chronic Stress

A harmonized brain may release your “stuck stress.”

Post-traumatic Stress

A harmonized brain may reset your autonomic system to override the stuck freeze or fight-or-flight responses.


A harmonized brain may provide you with peace, calm, and comfort in the storm.


A harmonized brain may support your open-mindedness to find solutions and acceptance.

Brain Fog

A harmonized brain may improve your levels of focus and concentration.

Memory Issues

A harmonized brain may improve your short and long-term memory.

Do you have difficulty sleeping or staying asleep?

In today’s busy world, it’s not uncommon to encounter sleep issues. However, prolonged sleep issues may be detrimental to your everyday life when it starts affecting your energy levels, overall productivity, and time with family. 

Cereset may help you overcome your sleep challenges and start each day feeling like you are at your best.

How it Works

We provide you with a personalized program for your unique situation

Cereset is driven by the brain itself. Your brain’s natural frequencies are the solution, and are a part of the Cereset harmonizing process.

Your Introduction to Cereset includes:

50-minute orientation with a personal Tech Coach

A baseline brain observation

Your own Personal Brain Index® (PBI®)

Your recommended plan of action

We’re happy to answer your questions!

Ask us about your personalized Introduction to Cereset. This 50-minute introduction includes an orientation with your own personal Tech Coach, a baseline brain observation, your own Personal Brain Index® (PBI®), and a recommended plan of action.

Your Introduction to Cereset will give you everything you need to start your journey to improve your well-being and quality of life.