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Cereset Efficacy Proven In Relationship to Bio-Function

Cereset Research shares brain maps of brain functional connectivity laterality in military-related traumatic stress

Scottsdale, Arizona

Cereset Efficacy Proven In Relationship to Bio-Functions

For over a decade, Cereset and its legacy technology have been confirmed by measuring biological functions to measure efficacy. In everything that has been measured to date, Cereset is shown to have set the gold standard to support the brain’s own correction of many issues.

HRV (heart rate variability) along with BP (blood pressure) has enabled researchers to see the efficacy of Cereset for sleep, PTSD, hot flashes, migraines, postural orthostatic tachycardia, and persisting post-concussion symptoms. Of course, self-report inventories have confirmed the HRV and have included anxiety, depression, quality of life, and pain inventories. Also, the biomarker in the blood of C-reactive Protein (indicating inflammation) and stress measures have also been used – all – and I mean ALL of the above have proven without a doubt that Cereset is an incredible tool to support healthy, energetic, and hopeful life.

Once again, in a peer-reviewed journal article for which a press release is being made today, January 27, 2021 (press release). Cereset efficacy is confirmed for traumatic stress using magnetic resonance imaging to view brain connectivity. Yes, Cereset was hugely efficacious for special forces military, and yes, it persisted for six months.

Personally, I know about Cereset efficacy too – when I was being treated for lung and lymph node cancer in 2013, chemotherapy would throw my autonomic system into a parasympathetic or freeze state and depression and a poor immune system would follow – Cereset helped me balance that and continue to survive the cancer treatment. There were other times as well, and I can say without hesitancy that Cereset has saved my life and the quality of life for many others who I know as well too.

Cereset has no competitors in the field of wellbeing or intervention who can claim efficacy proven by clinical trial evidence of a non-biased 3’rd party with complete peer-reviewed journal articles to report on the clinical trial results. None.

If you are using Cereset to assist you to enhance your health and life, you are using the best assistance you can attain. If you are using Cereset to help others improve their health and life due to your mission of helping others, you are providing the best help possible. Period.

Be proud of what you do, and please, share your story with others. Person to person is the only way to share your story effectively – please find ways to do that if you aren’t already and make sure you are an expert communicator for the work you need to share.

Lee Gerdes, Founder and CEO