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It is amazing when we realize that half of us in the US as adults will hear the words – “you have cancer.” One out of two of us will hear these words and will never be the same for the remainder of our life. Each of us has a 50/50 chance to hear it in our lifetime – wow, that is truly significant.

Cancer is a disease that we need to be aware of so we can best understand how to stay healthy, how to resist cancer during the cancer treatment we choose, and even how to recover from cancer treatment once we who have had cancer are in remission.

But that’s not all – not even nearly all – cancer leaves its mark of traumatic experience and fear with all the loved ones of those who have heard those words and feel saddened for their loved one and helpless to help the loved one overcome the condition.

To put it in perspective, in 2021, roughly 1.9 million people in the USA will be diagnosed with cancer, and 608,570 of them will likely die. These cancer deaths will probably surpass the number of deaths caused by COVID, and cancer-caused deaths will happen every year.

What can we do about this?

How can we stay in better health and resist cancer?

Of course, there are the basic conditions of health, and we all know them – healthy diet, exercise, and meaningful work and relationships. Regular natural and restful sleep is a key to good health as well. These are the very things that promote a robust immune system.

All of us have cancer cells in our body, and it is our own immune system that helps minimize these cancer cells from multiplying into a threatening disease. Our immune system is key. In fact, the immune system is so crucial in protecting against cancer, a new form of cancer treatment called Immuno-Oncology is coming forth. There is now significant work in this new field to stimulate the immune system to eliminate cancer cells.

Please understand that “the brain drives.” Cancer and cancer treatments create a perfect storm by generating fear, pain, discomfort, loss of hope, lack of sleep, worry about things, and others who are worrying about you. When the brain is overwhelmed with traumatic stress and chemo – a freeze response is likely the result – when the brain feels attacked by traumatic stress, radiation, surgery, or other treatments – a fight-or-flight response is likely the result. It does not matter; either state of imbalance can cause poor sleep, depression, loss of energy, high stress, anxiety, extreme mood swings, brain fog, etc. A brain stuck in these states cannot also maintain an optimal immune system – it becomes dysregulated. Some modalities may ease symptoms, yet it is unlikely they can readily improve regulation fully.

Regardless of the type of cancer treatment chosen by the diagnosed cancer patient, it is traumatizing and will be a 24/7 battle thru these treatments for months or years, causing additional traumatic stress. Just having a cancer diagnosis is traumatizing and will immediately cause traumatic stress. And what we know about traumatic events is that they lessen the power of the brain to regulate functions – all functions – mood, sleep, cognitive performance, cardiovascular system, immune system, and literally all of the human experience. A brain that can best self-regulate is a brain that is relaxed and balanced. Thus, Cereset is a truly valuable experience. Cereset supports the brain to relax and self-regulate – exactly what we need to be as healthy as possible and as strong as possible to eliminate cancer and eliminate the trauma cancer causes.

Lee Gerdes, Founder and CEO


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