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… we are now CERESET®

Lee Gerdes, Founder & CEO, began Brain State Technologies® (BST®) conceptually in 2000 and incorporated the company in 2004. Brain State Technologies grew substantially for sixteen years and then in 2018, evolved from a licensing model into an advanced neuro-technology brand called CERESET.

cere•brum (brain) + reset = CERESET

Brainwave Optimization® is now BrainEcho®

BST, developed and licensed to providers the first acoustic brain-mirroring process for the human brain, called Brainwave Optimization (BWO). Our process has evolved into what we call the BrainEcho process which provides:

HIRREM® is now CERESET®Research™

HIRREM, or High-resolution, Relational, Resonance-based Electroencephalic Mirroring® research has been going on for twelve years and peer-reviewed papers have been published in Brain and Behavior, Journal of Neuroimaging, Frontiers in Public Health, Frontiers in Psychology, Military Medical Research, Experimental Brain Research, BMC Psychiatry, Sports Medicine Open, and The Journal of the North American Menopause Society. CERESET Research builds upon a ten-year foundation:

BWO Providers are now CERESET Client Centers

Over the past eighteen years, we have licensed our technology to an international network of independently owned and operated providers.  We now offer franchises for Cereset Client Centers around the world:

BRAINtellect® and CERESEThome® headsets are no longer available

After careful consideration, BRAINtellect® and CERESET® have decided to discontinue the support for personal at-home use devices.  The BRAINtellect, B2V2, and CERESEThome® models, as well as the associated websites and cloud-based services have been discontinued. Service, support, and related websites are no longer available. The standard 1-year warranty terms were honored for all units sold. We appreciate and value your patronage.

While we regret any inconvenience this end-of-life may have caused, due to the complexities of the brain, we are pleased to announce that in-center CERESET packages and BrainEcho® tune-up sessions from our network of 60+ Cereset franchise locations provide much greater results than these discontinued personal products. Please contact your nearest Cereset location if you have questions about scheduling sessions.